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Expungement of Criminal Records

Expungement of Criminal Records

Need to clear your criminal record in Genesee County?

The reasons why an individual would want to expunge his or her criminal records are usually for future purposes. Criminal records can impede on an attempt to obtain a job, housing, credit, and a variety of other pursuits. If an individual is ready to move on in his or her life, criminal records are bound to restrict many life possibilities.

An expungement is the method of legally eradicating criminal records and related information in personal files and any cache that are accessible. Although an individual’s records cannot completely disappear, the records are officially closed off to any civil or general law enforcement use. In a future criminal proceeding that relates subsequently to an item in an expunged record, the record is still in use if applicable. In addition, if an individual is interested in a job opportunity within law enforcement and licensing, a set-aside record will be considered in the hiring criteria.

There are certain requirements that an individual must meet to be considered for the expungement of criminal records. A person will not be eligible for the process if certain facts are true: (1) a conviction of a felony or an attempted felony punishable by life imprisonment; (2) a violation or attempted violation of criminal sexual conduct under MCL 750.520c, MCL 750.520d, or MCL 750.520g; or (3) a traffic offense. A person is unable to apply if there has been a prior conviction set aside, as every person is only allowed one.

Along with the aforementioned regulations, there are many complexities to consider when pursuing an expungement of criminal records. Contact a Flint criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to learn more about getting your life back.

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