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Criminal Attorney Shaun Marks

Criminal / DUI Lawyer in Flint & Clarkston, MI

Flint Criminal Defense Attorney

Flint Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal allegations are serious — it’s vital to have a dedicated Flint criminal defense attorney in your corner to get you to the best possible outcome, whether you’re facing charges of drunk driving, assault & battery, shoplifting, domestic violence or a sex crime.

That’s exactly what Attorney Shaun R. Marks, P.C. is ready to do for you. As your criminal defense attorney in Flint MI, he will diligently defend your legal rights and protect your reputation. 

Address the serious nature of sex crime charges

We know that the mere allegations of sexual impropriety can destroy your reputation and have a lasting impact on you and your family.

As your sex crimes attorney in Flint MI, Shaun Marks and his staff will advocate for you, working diligently to prove your innocence or reach the best possible outcome to minimize the impact on your life. Shaun will work personally on your case explaining your options and his recommended approach to your case.

As a Flint sex crimes attorney with over 25 years of experience, Marks and his team can help navigate cases that involve:

  • Rape
  • Criminal sexual misconduct
  • Molestation
  • Solicitation of a minor
  • Child sex abuse
  • Gross indecency
  • Possession of child pornography
  • Internet sex crimes


Many of these charges can come with serious  penalties — significant time in prison and inclusion on Michigan’s sex offender registry, which is available to search by the public.

As your Flint criminal defense attorney, Shaun Marks and his team work to get you through your case having the charges dropped if at all possible, or worst case, ensuring this has least impact on you and your family. We know that your professional and personal lives, in addition to your freedom, are at stake — we take our responsibilityto provide the best defense extremely seriously.

Learn more about what we can do as your sex crimes attorney in Flint MI

If you have been arrested for a sex crime — or a variety of other crimes —don’t hesitate to get Shaun Marks and his team involved immediately. We’ll help you move through this process, providing enlightening insight so you can make the best-informed decisions.

Don’t take on these charges yourself — connect with a leading Flint criminal defense attorney by calling Attorney Shaun R. Marks, P.C. right now.

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