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Flint Drivers License Restoration

Flint Drivers License Restoration

Losing your driving privileges because of a drunk driving charge or another reason can have a dramatically negative impact on your life, which is why Attorney Shaun R. Marks provides Flint drivers license restoration services.

When you’re not able to drive, it makes all aspects of life difficult — from getting yourself to and from work to making sure that your children have access to school, daycare and other important resources.  Many employers will not hire you without a valid drivers license. 

If you have lost your drivers license because of a drunk driving offense or similar infraction, then Shaun Marks and his team invites you to seek help and guidance from your proven drivers license lawyer in Flint MI.

Proven drivers license restoration in Flint MI

Shaun Marks has worked with thousands of clients and has an exceptional record of success in having their driving privileges reinstated. As a Flint drivers license lawyer, Marks has compiled a 94-percent success rate when it comes to getting a client’s drivers license back.

With over 25 years of experience working with Michigan DUI cases, Attorney Shaun Marks brings the knowledge, experience and insight needed for effective Flint drivers license restoration. Not only will he work diligently to get your license back, but he will also work to minimize your punishment so that you can return to normal life as quickly as possible.

Get personal attention from a dedicated drivers license lawyer in Flint MI

With Shaun Marks and his team, you are not just another case number — we’re personally invested in the success of your case and helping you get back to leading a productive life when your case is resolved.  Attorney Shaun Marks and his team strive to provide every client with five-star service.

That’s why Shaun Marks will work directly with you on your case.  He is with you from start to finish, providing you with the helpful insight you need every step of the way.

Talk to him about Flint drivers license restoration, or help in other areas of criminal defense, by connecting with Attorney Shaun R. Marks right now.

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