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Minor in Possession

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Protecting Underage Drivers in Flint

A minor in possession of alcohol is perhaps the most common conviction that minors face. However, it is a bigger deal than you may think. Although it is a charge faced when you are a minor, prosecutors and judges make sure that a minor in possession charge is stamped on your permanent record for life. A criminal conviction can impact your future in a shocking variety of ways: potential employers will have access to your permanent record, the ability to travel internationally and obtain a vista will be hindered, and the cost and availability of attempting to get a loan for a car or house may be affected. To protect your or your child’s future, get in touch with a Flint DUI attorney immediately for assistance.

What Penalties Does a Minor Face?
Like many other crimes, there are different ranges of penalization depending on whether it has been a first or subsequent charge. Common punitive actions include community service, alcohol screening, and alcohol treatment and rehabilitation. A minor may even have to face jail time if he or she as convicted the crime more than once, and only if he or she has failed to complete treatment, probation, screening, counseling, community service, or to pay a fine.

How to Manage a Minor in Possession Crime
There are some instances in which a minor in possession conviction may be reduced, dismissed or for an acquittal: if your job requires the possession or transportation of alcohol, you are 19 or 20 years old and have consumed alcohol in a place where it is not illegal (an example being Canada), a class you are enrolled in requires you to consume alcohol, and a religious ceremony you partook in required the consumption of alcohol. Unless there is a valid exception to the warrant requirement, the police are unable to force you to submit to a chemical test.

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An experienced lawyer can help protect your or your teenager’s future. Shaun Marks, P.C., has 16 years of experience in minor in possession convictions and criminal defense. When you hire my services, you will get me, not a random associate sent in my place. It is my privilege to defend your rights personally.

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