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Criminal Attorney Shaun Marks

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Davison DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

Davison DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

Drunk driving offenses can come with severe punishments in Michigan, which is why it’s so important for you to have savvy, effective Davison DUI defense lawyers in your  corner.

Here at Attorney Shaun R. Marks, P.C., Shaun and his staff specialize in a broad range of criminal defense practice areas, and have proven to be highly effective working with people  who have been arrested and charged with drunk driving offenses.

As your choice amongst the many DUI defense attorneys in Davison MI, Shaun will bring over 25 years of experience to your case. In fact, with his extensive education, training and background in this area of law, he stands as one of the most experienced Davison OWI lawyers in the business.

Some of these credentials that you may not necessarily find with other DUI defense lawyers in Davison MI include the fact that he:

  • Is certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) in standard field sobriety testing. This is a certification that very few Davison DUI defense attorneys — let alone attorneys in the state of Michigan — have received.
  • Has received the same training as law enforcement personnel for DUI detection and alcohol enforcement, bringing a unique perspective to your case that you won’t find with many other OWI lawyers in Davison MI.
  • Has received a certificate for DataMaster/DMT Science of Breath Alcohol Testing, as presented by the inventor of the DataMaster/DMT breath testing device.
  • Was selected as a member of the National College for DUI defense based on his success. This designation underscores the fact that he is truly one of the premier Davison DUI defense lawyers.

Shaun and his staff will work diligently with you in each step of your case. As your choice in DUI defense attorneys in Davison MI, Shaun will work personally with you instead of diverting you to one of his associates. He is personally invested in getting you the best outcome possible.

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