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Criminal Attorney Shaun Marks

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White Lake Criminal Defense Attorney

White Lake Criminal Defense Attorney

Don’t take allegations or charges of crimes lightly — connect with a White Lake criminal defense attorney immediately so that you have proven legal representation in your corner to advocate on your behalf. Shaun specializes in a variety of criminal defense cases, including driving while impaired, assault & battery, drug possession, shoplifting, domestic violence and sex crimes.

Ready to defend you from sex crime charges

Sex crimes come in many forms, from forcible rape to gross indecency, to using a computer to commit a crime. Each comes with a different level and variety of possible consequences. Attorney Shaun R. Marks, P.C. is a sex crimes attorney in White Lake MI that has worked with clients facing a wide variety of sex crime charges, providing each with the helpful insight they needed to navigate their case and maximize their chances at a positive outcome.

Working with a criminal defense attorney in White Lake MI that is experienced in these specific types of cases is important for quite a few reasons including:

  • Many cases revolving around sex crimes can be unique and challenging when compared to other types of cases. Physical evidence doesn’t exist in some cases, and it can come down to an accuser’s personal account against your own. You need a White Lake sex crimes attorney that can navigate your case through difficult challenges. Let Shaun bring his 25 years of experience to your defense.
  • Many sex crimes also come with severe punishments and consequences that can impact the rest of your life. Not only does your choice in White Lake criminal defense attorney work to eliminate, or minimize, a jail sentence, but sex crime convictions also come with possible inclusion on Michigan’s sex offender registry, which is available to the public.
  • Being convicted of a sex crime can be devastating to your reputation. As a sex crimes attorney in White Lake MI, Shaun and his team will take all measures available to help you preserve your good name in the community.


Attorney Shaun R. Marks provides free consultations. If you are facing allegations or charges of criminal sexual conduct , or a variety of other crimes, then learn more about what he can do for you as your White Lake criminal defense attorney. Connect with our office right now.

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