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Criminal Attorney Shaun Marks

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Flint DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

Flint DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

If you have been arrested for drunk driving, it is vital that you carefully consider the Flint DUI defense lawyers and find a professional that will provide your case with the personal attention that it deserves.

Attorney Shaun R. Marks is ready to provide the personal, diligent legal representation you need. As your choice in DUI defense attorneys in Flint MI, Shaun Marks and his staff will walk you through each phase of the criminal justice process and help you make the best decisions at each step.

Making Attorney Shaun Marks your choice in Flint OWI lawyers is important because of the potentially severe impact on your life when it comes to a drunk driving or operating while impaired charge. These include your:

  • Driving privileges. Your ability to continue to drive is at significant risk — and it can have a dramatic impact on your life. As your choice in DUI defense lawyers in Flint MI, Shaun Marks and his team will work diligently so you can keep your driving privileges, if possible,or can work closely with you to restore these privileges if they have already been taken.
  • Fines and court costs. Punishment can include significant fines, depending on the severity of your charges. As your choice in Flint DUI defense attorneys, Attorney Shaun R. Marks will work to protect you from excessive fines while providing competitive rates for his legal services. Shaun Marks is always dedicated todeliveringthe best possible outcomes for your case.
  • Jail and probation. In some cases, drunk drivers can face mandatory jail time — you need OWI lawyers in Flint MI that will take all possible steps to keep you out of jail and at home with your family. Even if you avoid incarceration, in most situations, you will serve a term of probation that can include drug and alcohol testing, community service, counseling or treatment, and possible vehicle immobilization.  Shaun Marks and his team will work diligently to take every possible step so you remain at home.


As one of the more experienced Flint DUI defense lawyers, Attorney Shaun R. Marks knows the potential mistakes of the authorities and understands the best outcomes for your charges and history.  He will relentlessly fight for the best possible outcome for your case. You can trust and rely on his expertise.  

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Attorney Shaun R. Marks is one of the premier Flint DUI defense lawyers and he is ready to provide you with detailed information and thorough insights into your case. Connect with him right now to get started!

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