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Criminal Attorney Shaun Marks

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Fenton DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

Fenton DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

Gain the benefit of working with one of the most experienced and accomplished Fenton DUI defense lawyers by connecting with Attorney Shaun R. Marks, P.C. and his staff.

With over a 25 years  of experience working DUI and drivers license restoration cases, Shaun has become one of the most formidable DUI defense attorneys in Fenton MI, and throughout the rest of the state, where drunk driving charges can be met with severe punishments.

In fact, Shaun is one of the only Fenton OWI lawyers to be selected as a member of the National College for DUI defense, confirming how his successful case results have earned him respect in the legal community.

Why hire DUI defense lawyers in Fenton MI?

With so much at stake — from losing your driver’s license to spending time in jail — it’s vital that you have expert Fenton DUI defense attorneys in your corner, like Shaun R. Marks and his staff.

Shaun will leverage his experience as your choice in OWI lawyers in Fenton MI to:

  • Critically examine the details of your case. It’s important to scrutinize every small detail, from how law enforcement conducted your traffic stop to determining the validity of a breathalyzer test, if you took one. There are few, if any, Fenton DUI defense lawyers that know how to navigate these cases more effectively than Shaun and his staff.
  • Retain your driving privileges. Driving privileges can be at serious risk when you are facing drunk driving charges. Shaun is one of the few DUI defense attorneys in Fenton MI that has a strong success rate when it comes to helping his clients get their drivers license restored.
  • Minimize the impact of your charges on your everyday life. From reducing  the charge on  your criminal record to limiting the potential punishments (i.e. regular drug screenings, probation, jail, etc.), Shaun works to help restore your life to normal as soon as possible.


If you are searching for Fenton DUI defense lawyers that you can trust with your case, then start and end that search with Attorney Shaun R. Marks, P.C. We offer free consultations.  Contact us today.

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