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White Lake DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

White Lake DUI OWI Defense Lawyers

With so much at stake when you’re facing drunk driving charges, it’s important that you rely on the most qualified White Lake DUI defense lawyers to navigate you through the process.

Welcome to Attorney Shaun R. Marks, P.C., where Shaun and his team are ready to go to work as your DUI defense attorneys in White Lake MI. Shaun has extensive experience, training and education when it comes to drunk driving and drivers license restoration cases. In fact, he’s considered a leading expert in both.

As your choice of White Lake OWI lawyers, Shaun and his staff will provide you with the insightful guidance and relentless defense that will help you maximize your chances at a positive outcome.

A lot is on the line — trust one of the leading DUI defense lawyers in White Lake MI

Michigan is consistent with severe punishments for drunk driving offenses. That’s why it’s important to work with qualified, diligent White Lake DUI defense attorneys to minimize or eliminate impacts to you.  These impacts may include:

  • Drivers license: Drunk driving convictions often come with the loss of a license, which can make it difficult to maintain the responsibilities of everyday life. Shaun Marks is one of the most effective OWI lawyers in White Lake MI in helping you keep or get your license restored.
  • Jail: Drunk drivers can frequently face mandatory jail time or probation. As your choice of White Lake DUI defense lawyers, Shaun and his team will do whatever he can to keep you from having to face time in jail.
  • Fines:: Other punishments can range from heavy fines to regular drug testing — it’s helpful to work with DUI defense attorneys in White Lake MI that can help you minimize the punishment and disruptions to your life.


End your search for White Lake DUI defense lawyers by getting Shaun and his staff involved right away. Connect with us for a free consultation.

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