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Flushing Drivers License Restoration

Flushing Drivers License Restoration

Getting your drivers license back after losing it due to a DUI or OWI conviction is never easy, but Attorney Shaun R. Marks and his staff can help maximize your chances of success in this process with our Flushing drivers license restoration service.

Shaun is extensively trained in DUI defense and has defended thousands of clients before the Secretary of State Driver License Appeal Division throughout is 25 years of experience. Because he is familiar with the system and knows what it takes to get your drivers license back, his drivers license restoration in Flushing MI services have achieved a 94 percent success rate!

Why choose Shaun Marks as your drivers license lawyer in Flushing MI?

The ability to drive is important to almost everyone. When you don’t have a valid driver’s license, it can be severe impact to your life from getting to work to being hired at all for some employers. 

Authorities make the process difficult to reinstate a drivers license to someone who has been convicted of multiple DUI or OWI charges, but if you are able to make a compelling argument and provide comprehensive evidence that you are no longer a threat, your appeal can be successful.

That’s where Shaun and his team are vital as your Flushing diverse license lawyer. They will manage the process for you, not only gathering evidence like letters of support from family, friends and community members but also showing proof that you have taken steps to address any possibility where you might repeat the offense.

Your own testimony is also important in the Flushing drivers license restoration process, and Shaun will make sure that you are prepared for that phase, as well.

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Shaun R. Marks and his team are ready to help you prepare your appeal to get the Flushing drivers license restoration process progressing. Connect with his team right now and schedule a free consultation.

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