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Lapeer Criminal Defense Attorney

Lapeer Criminal Defense Attorney

Welcome to the online home for Attorney Shaun R. Marks, P.C., a trusted Lapeer criminal defense attorney that specializes in a wide range of practice areas — from driving while impaired, drugs, assault, shoplifting and domestic violence to a variety of sex crimes.

When you are charged with criminal sexual conduct, or any other sex crime, you are likely facing potential severe punishment that can have a lasting impact on your life. In fact, a conviction of a sex crime can permanently tarnish your reputation, take away your freedom, and result in you being added to a publicly available registry of sex offenders that can make daily life extremely difficult

Shaun R. Marks is a sex crimes attorney in Lapeer MI that is ready to apply his 25 years of experience to your case, protecting your reputation and navigating your through your case in a way that maxmizes your chances at a positive outcome.

From rape to gross indecency, Shaun and his team are ready to serve as your criminal defense attorney in Lapeer MI and help bring your case to a speedy, favorable resolution that achieves the best possible outcome.

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One of the reasons that the ramifications tied to sex crimes are so long-lasting is because of Michigan’s sex offender registry. Anyone convicted of a sex crime can potentially be included in this database, which is readily acessible to the general public.

The registry, however, does not clearly specify the severity of your crimes and anyone in that database faces the stigma of being a sexual criminal.

As your Lapeer criminal defense attorney, Shaun and his team will explore every avenue possible to address the fallout of your case so that you can escape the life sentence of social stigma.

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Shaun and his team want to hear about your situation and provide you with information on how they can help. 

With a free consultation, you can gain the help and insight of a proven Lapeer criminal defense attorney. Talk to Shaun about your case!

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