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Probation Violations

Probation Violations

Defending Probation Violations in Genesee County

Probation exists to restore a lawful state of a person who has been convicted guilty of a criminal offense. Rehabilitation helps a convicted person to reintegrate into society as a productive participant, as well as reducing the possibility of future criminal infractions that may affect his or her societal standing. However, humans are imperfect, and issues may arise that are considered to be probation violations and contempt of court charges.

Probation is a sentence that serves as an alternative to imprisonment. It is a method of discipline when a court finds imprisonment to be ill-suited for an individual’s circumstance, and usually only if he or she is not deemed a supposed threat to society. Certain rules and restrictions that accommodate probation include performing community service, participating in rehabilitation programs, residing in a particular location, submitting to chemical drug tests, keeping employment, and refraining from contact with a crime victim or criminal elements.

A probation officer is often assigned to an individual who is actively on probation. The job of this officer is to moderate the terms and agreements of the probation, and to determine whether any violations have occurred within the limitations of the probation sentence. If there has been a probation violation, a hearing commences to revoke the probation. If this happens, a probationer may be subject to continual probation, a lengthening of probation, probation modifications, full revoking of probation, or even incarceration up to the maximum time permitted for the crime. To increase your chances of avoiding these circumstances, it is highly recommended that you reach out to a Flint criminal defense lawyer as soon as you can.

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